The Company
Treasurette Girl® is an eco-friendly jewelry line that believes in keeping our planet beautiful. We recycle regular water bottle caps and turn them into magnetic charms that are glamorous and fun for the “it” girl who cares about our environment. Whether you are enjoying the beaches, shopping uptown, or dining downtown—Treasurette Girl® makes it easy to show off your ever-changing charm!

The company started from personal beach clean-ups around our previous home in San Diego. As California doesn’t recycle the caps, we would take them off the water bottles and keep them before going to the recycling center. We found many odd uses for those caps- one of them being a foundation for jewelry charms. Today, Treasurette Girl® is made in Lake Elsinore, California.

Our mission is to be responsibly glamorous everyday!

The Founder
My name is Cream (yes, that really is what my parents named me) and here are some tidbits  about myself. I break out the birthday candles every year on April 7 and consider glitter, rainbows, Kate Spade, my childhood with my younger sisters, pop-culture, Juicy Couture, red-carpet glamour, beaches, Vanessa Hudgens, and the California sun as creative inspirations. Some previous job titles I have held are Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Web Designer, and Art Director. Aside from my everyday duties with Treasurette Girl®, my wonderful world includes spending time with my handsome boyfriend, Brandon, and playful puppy, Lana Bear  
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