Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wear magnetic jewelry?
Place a charm over the silver round magnet on the necklace then put the necklace on by securing the clasp at the back. Switch to a different charm by tugging off the one on the necklace and then placing another charm over the silver round magnet.

Will the magnetic charms come off during normal daily activities?
We use extremely strong magnets, the magnetic strength of your charm and necklace together can hold 6.6 pounds! Our jewelry products are strong enough for all-day wear and can also be used as adorable magnets for refrigerators and lockers.

What is the Return Policy?
Treasurette Girl® accepts returns within 14 days of delivery. Customer must include all packaging materials along with the returned items. Products must be in spectacular sellable condition. As we are a small growing company, at this time we require the customer to pay for the shipping of returned items. If all these terms are met, we will issue the refund within 48 hours. Please allow 7 business days for transaction to show up in your account.
If you would like to return an order, email: contact@treasurettegirl. Include your order number from the receipt and we will email back the packing slip to be put in your returning package.

Where do you get these water bottle caps?
We have friends, family, local businesses, schools, and our very own customers give us the bottle caps from their recycled water bottles. When we simply just tell others what we are doing, people have been quite happy to donate and support our cause. We always make sure to clean and sterilize every cap before turning them into charms.

Can I use these magnetic charms with any necklace?
Our specially-made charms can only be used with our specially-made necklaces. We currently sell our necklaces and charms separately.

Do you ship outside of the US?
Yes we do! To keep costs down, we use the cheapest way through United States Postal Service which take about a week to deliver. You can always contact us if you'd like to upgrade your shipping.

Are these safe for children?
The charms can be a choking hazard for small children under 5yrs old. If your child is past the stage of putting crazy things in their curious mouths, then they're the perfect age to prance around in our jewelry.

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