Sell Treasurette Girl® Products

Treasurette Girl® is based on what every girl wants to see in the mirror - something pretty with substance. The designs of our charms, packaging, and marketing materials sparkle for attention. While our story and product functionality gives us a voice to start conversations.

Thank you for your interest in selling Treasurette Girl®'s eco-friendly products. As a wholesaler, make at least 40% profit on every item by reselling our designs.

Each wholesaler will be assigned an account number. Enter that number in the "discount coupon" area at checkout to receive 40% off your entire order. Every wholesale order placed, will include product displays for your charms and necklaces (dimensions depend on your order size) as well as any available marketing materials at no cost.

There is a 30 item minimum to receive the discounted wholesale price at checkout.

Get Your Treasurette Girl® Wholesaler Account Number

Wholesaler FAQs

What can I resell it for?
We recommend reselling for each item for at least $5 to make a 40% profit. You can choose to mark it up even more if you know your customer demographic wouldn't mind. There's also the option of marking up the charms that have a more elaborate design. You can always call us at (619) 356-3653 for some advice.

Wholesalers are also welcomed to stop by our Lake Elsinore home to pick out and pick-up merchandise.

How long does production take?
We usually start a charm production batch at 12pm PST Mondays-Saturdays. It takes about two days for charms to be fully dried. Shipping within USA can take 3-7 business days and 9-14 business for international. Orders should arrive within 1 week for USA wholesalers and 1-2 weeks for international wholesalers.

Wholesalers are also welcomed to stop by our Lake Elsinore home to pick out and pick-up merchandise.

What kind of displays and marketing materials will I get?
Wholesalers will get branded necklace and charm displays every time a wholesale order is placed. As we make the displays in-house, we tailor the sizes to each order.

Whatever posters or signage we are currently using for our events will be included in your shipment.

If you have any other questions or concerns, contact us.

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